Pehrson Lodge: The Classic Minnesota Resort Since 1902

Pehrson Lodge has been a classic Minnesota resort since our first guests arrived by steamboat in the early 1900s. Ever since then, we have welcomed guests each summer to come north and enjoy the beauty of Lake Vermilion. While the resort may look a little different now, we still strive to provide the classic Minnesota resort experience.

We cherish the rich history of Pehrson Lodge. Remember, each memory you make during your stay will add to the countless memories of the resort as years go on.

Curious how Pehrson Lodge looked through the years? We invite you to scroll through these photos for a trip into the past:

Dinner, 1947


Ruth and Bob Pehrson in 1959 (Credit goes to Randy Morrison)


Guests arriving on the steamer Merrybell, circa 1910


Pehrson Lodge as it appeared in the 1940's


The Pehrson Lodge docks


Up for a game of shuffleboard? We still offer this activity!


How about waterskiing behind a 10 horse?


The lazy, hazy days of Summer. Our Sun Deck doesn't look much different!


Nice shoulders on that one!


Bob Pehrson and Walt Morrison, 1956 (Credit to Randy Morrison)