Sailboat on Lake Vermilion

Minnesota Sailing

Give Sailing a Try at Pehrson Lodge

Lake Vermilion's clear, clean waters and warm summer winds are perfect for some of the best sailing in Minnesota. Listen to the sounds of the lake as the wind pushes you across the water.

Learn the fundamentals of sailing on a Sunfish or Minifish - the perfect boats for learning basic skills.  We enjoy introducing new sailors to the sport. Just stop by the office to sign up for an orientation or a lesson to get started. Sailing is complimentary to all guests. 

View our other non-motorized craft here. We ask that you do not bring personal watercraft (Jet Skis) to Pehrson Lodge.

Newspaper headline: Come Sail Away at this fun Northern Minnesota Resort

Pehrson Lodge Owner Eric Hanson takes a guest for a ride on the MC-scow

In 2018, Pehrson Lodge was featured in articles in the Star Tribune and Chicago Tribune as the top sailing resort in Minnesota. 

"Gliding across northern Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion on a sleek, deluxe racing sailboat known as an A-scow is like any other lake-sailing experience — only with the adrenaline cranked up to 10.

My group of four friends, along with 4-year-old twin girls, were seated on the starboard deck of Pehrson Lodge Resort’s fearsome 38-foot flagship, dubbed the Sabre Jet. Resort co-owner Eric Hanson was our captain, manning the double tiller near the stern."

Read the article in the Star Tribune article here.

Read the article in the Chicago Tribune here.