The Main Lodge at Pehrson Lodge in the evening.

On-Land Entertainment

Resort Grounds

Some days, after a morning spent in the water, it’s time to dry off for a few hours in the afternoon. Pehrson Lodge has many activities on resort grounds to keep your group entertained. 

Challenge your friends and family to a game of badminton, pickleball or four-square on our Sport Court. Give shuffleboard, ping pong, bocce ball, croquet or horseshoes a try. Ready to relax? Grab a book and take a seat on our large Sun Deck overlooking Lake Vermilion.


Group of children hiking

Hiking Trails

Pehrson Lodge offers wooded hiking trails through the forest around the property. Get some fresh air and exercise as you explore Minnesota's boreal forest. If you're lucky, you may spot some tasty blueberries, raspberries or strawberries to sample along the way. If you plan to bring a dog, our hiking trails are the perfect place to go for walks and let your furry friend enjoy its vacation, too! 

Hiking trails are accessed from the corner of the Sport Court. Please stop by the office if you have any questions about the trails. If you're interested in other hiking trails in the area, view our Area Hiking Trails page.

Family playing pickleball.

Sport Court

Our Sport Court offers a range of games for you to try. Challenge your friend or family member to a game of badminton or pickleball on our regulation court. Shoot hoops with our basketball hoop. Gather a few friends and give foursquare a try. Grab a tennis ball and racket and practice hitting against our tennis wall.

All equipment for Sport Court games can be complimentarily obtained from the office in the Main Lodge. Please remember to return equipment when you are done! 

Group of children playing beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is the perfect way to get every member of your family involved in some friendly competition. Bump, set and spike your way to family bonding, or challenge some new friends to a set. Getting heated? Take a dip in the lake between games to cool off. 

A volleyball can be obtained at the office in the Main Lodge. Please return it when you are finished playing! 

Children playing on a play structure

Play Structures

Pehrson Lodge has two Rainbow Play Structures for the youngest members of your family to enjoy: one located near the Main Lodge and Tackle Shop, and the other at the beach. 

Pool table, foosball, and seating area in the main lodge.

Indoor Fun

If there’s ever a rainy day or you’d like to get out of the sun, our Main Lodge offers plenty of entertainment. From a games area to a fitness room and quiet spaces for reading, you’re sure to enjoy this gorgeous new facility.

The coffee is always hot! Grab a complimentary cup when you stop in. Learn about the Main Lodge here.


Map of Pehrson Lodge