Restaurants and Dining

The Lake Vermilion area has a variety of excellent family-run restaurants. Live music, indoor/outdoor dining, bar and fine dining style menus offer something for everyone. Guests have the unique opportunity to boat to their favorite restaurant. What better way to start your evening?

Cook Area Dining

The Landing

The Landing is located two miles by car or boat from Pehrson Lodge. The bar menu includes great burgers, pizza and hors d'oeuvres. The dining room menu has a variety of steak, seafood pasta and desserts. (218) 666-0221

Rose Cottage Baking Co.

Fresh baked, all natural breads, coffee, espresso, gourmet panini sandwiches, and delicious sweets. Located on Highway 53in Cook. (218) 666-3195.

Wolf Bay

Wolf Bay is a restaurant and bar located on Wolf Bay. It is a 25 minute run by boat traveling at 30 mph. Wolf Bay has a bar style menu except on Tuesday nights June-August, when they have rib night and great live music. Tuesday nights at Wolf Bay are loads of fun. The wait for food can be long, so plan accordingly. Early evening is very family friendly. Children are even able to perform with the band.

Vermilion Club

The Vermilion Club is 20 miles down the lake. Great spot to stop for lunch while fishing, if you're already down the lake a ways. It is a long run for dinner but an easy drive by road on Hwy. 115. The Vermilion Club has a full menu, but they are best known for great pizza.

South Switch

The South Switch is located in Angora, 5 miles south of Cook. They are known for good reasonably priced food.

Montana Café

The Montana Café is located on River Street in Cook. They are open for breakfast and lunch every day and dinner some days. Many people visit the Montana for its great, classic breakfast dishes in a historic building.


Located on Hwy. 53 Cook

The Wooden Table

Get ready for an adventure. It's worth it if you can find it. 15 miles south of Cook on Hwy. 65