school of walleye swimming underwater

Where to Get'emLake Vermilion Fishing Tips

Lake Vermilion Fishing Tips

Lake Vermilion has an abundance of sought-after Canadian Shield fish species. Historically known for its walleye population, Vermilion has also become a hotbed for muskie, bass, panfish and other species. While walleye are still the highest demand fish, what makes Vermilion such a strong fishery overall is the population of a wide range of species. 

Read the below Lake Vermilion fishing tips to learn about each species of Vermilion’s popular sport fish and get some guide-approved tips on where to find’em and how to get’em.

Boy proudly holding walleye on Lake Vermilion


The bread and butter of Lake Vermilion Fishing. This is what it's all about.

Hand holding a lake vermilion largemouth bass


Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are some of Lake Vermilion's most catchable fish. 

Man holding muskie on Lake Vermilion


Lake Vermilion's big trophy fish: tough to hook, thrilling to reel in.

A northern pike jumping out of the water as Lake Vermilion fishermen reel it in.

Northern Pike

These feisty fighters are rewarding to pull into the boat.

Boy holds a bluegill on Lake Vermilion


These little guys are fun for all ages to catch... on the dock and from the boat!

Group of family members each holding two crappie on Lake Vermilion.


A tasty and fun fish to catch, especially during the spring and fall.