Fall at Pehrson Lodge

Submitted by Hanson family on Mon, 09/14/2020 - 14:29

The leaves are changing and cool winds are blowing over Lake Vermilion. Fall is here! We find the transition to fall to be a welcomed change. Warm nights outside are replaced with cozy evenings by the fireplace with a mug of hot cider. Instead of children splashing at the beach, the lake is busy with fishermen, bustling about as they prepare for a day on the water. 

Have you considered visiting Pehrson Lodge during the fall? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Cozy Cabins

All of our cabins are warm and cozy. No matter the weather outside, your group will be toasty warm in your cabin at Pehrson Lodge. That’s because all of our cabins have gas or electric heating, and most have fireplaces as well*. So, if there’s a rainy day or a brisk evening, your group can enjoy each other’s company with a game of cards by the fire. That’s a classic Minnesota fall evening! We have board games and cards available to borrow from the Main Lodge. 

Glass of wine by the fireplace at Pehrson Lodge during fall.


2. Great Fishing

Fall fishing on Vermilion is tough to beat. In the fall, as the water cools down, fish tend to be more consistent. We welcome many fishermen in the cooler months to try their hand at walleye, crappie, bass, muskie and more. We offer bait, gas, and dock electricity well into the fall. Interested in fishing Vermilion? Take a look at our Fishing Tips page to see advice from several great local guides. 

Fall crappie fishing on Lake Vermilion Pehrson Lodge


3. Vibrant Colors

Looking for fall colors? Lake Vermilion typically has its best fall colors from late September through early October. Lake Vermilion offers a stunning array of autumnal reds, yellows and golds. It can be fun to bundle up and cruise the water to enjoy the colors of Vermilion from a boat. You may also choose to enjoy the colors with a hike on our resort hiking trails. 

Fall colors on Lake Vermilion.


4. Northern Lights

Fall is one of the best times of the year to see the northern lights in our region. Have you dreamt of seeing the aurora borealis with your own eyes? The northern lights are elusive and unpredictable, but the farther north you travel, the more likely you are to see them. Lake Vermilion offers profound views of the night sky, thanks to the lack of light pollution in the area. If you sit out after midnight in the fall, you may catch a glimpse of a green glow moving over the sky. View the NOAA Aurora Forecast here. Thanks to Pete Stone for the photo, taken at Pehrson Lodge. 

Northern lights seen from Pehrson Lodge


5. Grouse Hunting

Lake Vermilion is located in the heart of Minnesota grouse country. The state has 11 million acres of forest land that are open to public hunting. If you are looking for a great grouse hunting experience, consider northeastern Minnesota! The Minnesota DNR offers a great deal of information to help you plan your trip.

Ruffed Grouse. Minnesota Grouse hunting in the fall.


6. Fall Weather

The weather in northern Minnesota during fall is great, but it can be unpredictable. You may have a sunny, 60-degree day, followed by a cool and cloudy one. So, be sure to pack for a range of weather. We advise you to watch the forecast in the days leading up to your stay, so you can make a good guess of what to expect. Just look up Cook, MN in your weather app. 

Reading on a sunny fall day on Lake Vermilion


Fall is a wonderful time to visit Lake Vermilion. Please contact us if you would like help planning your trip! 

*All cabins have fireplaces BUT the following: Breakers, Sea Spray, Lakeview, Cardinal