Samantha and Odie: Friends Fur-ever

Submitted by Hanson family on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 11:10

If you’ve been to Pehrson Lodge, you know that the resort dogs are some of our most popular residents. They’re always ready to meet new guests, chase the golf carts and live life to the fullest. They’re lucky pups! Have you met Odie and Freyja?

Freyja and Odie enjoy the sunset at Pehrson Lodge

Today we’re sharing a heartwarming story about Odie, our eight-year-old springer spaniel. Odie is an experienced “dock pup” who can be trusted to support and encourage our dock staff and guests as they land their boats or spend an evening fishing from the dock. When he hears the tick-tick-ticking of a fishing reel’s drag being pulled out, he’s quick to stick his nose over the water and watch the fish get pulled in (and maybe nip at it, if it gets close enough).

As much as Odie loves fishing, he also loves to meet all of our guests. His tail always wags when he has the chance to make new friends--two-legged and four-legged alike. A few summers ago, Odie found a lifelong friend in a young guest named Samantha. To this day, they keep in touch. 

Samantha came to Pehrson Lodge from Maryland with her family several times over the course of three years. Her friendship with Odie was unstoppable from the first time she arrived. She would pet him and say hello every time she saw him roaming around the resort. She would visit the lodge with her parents just to find Odie and give him a belly rub.

Sadly, each summer, their family vacation would end Samantha would have to leave her dear friend and head home to the East Coast. Leaving a friend is always sad. But Samantha found ways to keep “her Odie” close--even when they were a thousand miles apart. 

While Samantha and her family were at the resort, her parents captured photos of all of her special moments with Odie. After they were home, Samantha and her parents worked together to create a photo book called “Samantha and Odie: Friends Forever.” 

Now that’s friendship in its truest form.

Cover of Samantha's Odie book

Unfortunately, Samantha’s family did not make the trip to Pehrson Lodge this summer. But Samantha wasn’t disheartened. She knew that she could show Odie her love, even if she couldn’t visit him in person. 

This summer, we received a large envelope from Samantha’s mom in the mail. It included a letter that said the following:

“It’s almost summertime, and while we aren’t heading to Pehrson Lodge this summer, our daughter Samantha still remembers and talks about ‘her Odie’ frequently. The three summers we were there were a lot of fun and our whole family enjoyed the experience very much!

Samantha made this drawing/painting for Odie and made me promise that I would send it to him.”

In the envelope was a masterpiece created by Samantha for her best friend. As you can tell by the photo below of Odie with his artwork from Samatha, he was thrilled! He may not speak much English, but we have a feeling that he could sense that this special piece of art was from his kind-hearted friend, Samantha. 

Odie with the painting from his friend, Samatha

Samantha, we are taking great care of “your Odie,” giving him lots of nice pets and ear scratches while you’re not here. He hopes to see you again soon!

Pehrson Lodge has always been a place for creating friendships. Freyja is still taking applications for her “best guest friend.” Say hello to her next time you’re at the resort (if you can catch her--she’s pretty fast). 

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